Easy Dog Treat Recipes

These easy dog treat recipes will let you create delicious, nutritious treats for your dog quickly, even if this is your very first try.

Oat, applesauce and chicken dog treats on metal plate

You don't need any special skills or equipment, and the ingredients are easy to find... you may well have most of them in your kitchen right now.

Simple doesn't ALWAYS mean quick, but many of these recipes take less than an hour from prep to taste-testing the finished product. Some are baked, some frozen, you choose what sounds good right now.

I love knowing that the goodies my dogs are eating are packed full of wholesome, human-grade ingredients and that they're not just yummy, but healthy too.

Every recipe on this site has been taste-tested by one, or both, of my dogs (you can meet them both on the About Us page) and every single recipe is safe for people to eat too!

Obviously, my dog treat recipes are not designed with human taste-buds in mind (and they don't contain the same sugars, salt or spices that perk up our food) but it's reassuring to know that if someone wants to eat one they can do just that.

If you're new to the whole DIY dog treats thing you might like to check out some of the other pages on my site to learn more about making your own dog treats, get extra info. on ingredients, tips to save you time or hassle, to learn about safe dog treat storage and more. Also, check out the other dog treat category pages. None of recipes featured on my site are actually difficult to make! I'm not a master baker or chef myself so rest assured they won't be outside of your skill set.

Enjoy My Easy Dog Treat Recipes

These quick and easy recipes are all different, and you'll find a variety of ingredients, prep and baking methods.

Some are one-bowl recipes where you literally put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them to form a dough. Others use just three or four ingredients. There are even frozen options. Just pick whichever one fits your mood, and your dog's taste, and go for it. Have fun!

Your Favorite Easy Dog Treat Recipes

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Do you have you're own favorite quick and easy dog treat recipe?

Is there one combination of yummy ingredients that your dog simply can't resist?

If so, you have the perfect opportunity to share it with other dog owners by creating your own page on my site!

Share Your Favorite Easy Dog Treat Recipe

Do you have your own favorite recipe for quick and easy dog treats? If so, you can have it featured right here on this site!

This website is constantly a work-in-progress and I add new recipes weekly. I hope you enjoy making your own homemade dog treats so much that you come back regularly for new inspiration!

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