Vegetarian Dog Treat Recipes

I've gathered all my vegetarian dog treat recipes here to make it easy for you to pick out a yummy, healthy all-natural dog treat that contains NO meat.

Some of these treats are vegan (ie contain no animal by-products, including eggs or dairy).

Fresh vegetables arranged on wooden cutting board

I'm a vegetarian myself but my dogs eat meat, they're also definitely not picky eaters and adore treats of all varieties.

Your dog doesn't need to be on a vegetarian or vegan diet to enjoy these recipes either! 

Feeding Dogs A Vegetarian Diet

Since we're on the subject of vegetarian eating I wanted to share a little information about vegetarian diets and dogs.

Dogs can get all the nutrition they need from a vegetarian diet because their bodies are able to easily digest plant based foods and carbohydrates.

Although the domesticated dog belongs to the order of Carnivora (ie are said to be carnivores) their physiology and digestive system actually makes them more suited to an omnivorous diet.

French Bulldog with one dog bowl filled with fresh vegetables and one filled with meat products

It's interesting to note that other animals in the Carnivora order include ominovores such as skunks, and the giant panda which is a herbivore and eats ONLY bamboo. 

Feeding a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (one that includes eggs and dairy products) to your dog makes it easier for him to get the nutrition he needs than feeding a vegan diet. Feeding dogs vegan is definitely do-able, but it is more of a challenge. You can counteract this by giving the right dosage of certain supplements.

When putting a dog on a homemade vegetarian or vegan diet it's very important to consult with a canine nutritionist, or at the very least your own veterinarian, to make sure that you get the balance of nutrients right so that your best friend gets maximum benefits, and no deficits.

Sources: Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts 

Vegetarian Dog Treats

None of these recipes contain meat but many of them do contain eggs, milk, yogurt or other animal by-products.

Modifying recipes to make them meat-free...

It's also worth remembering that you can modify many recipes to make them vegetarian or vegan.

If you find a recipe you really want to try but it contains certain meat by-products simply try substituting:

  • Non-dairy products for milk or butter
  • Flax or Chia egg (or other egg substitute
  • Replacing meat-based broth or bouillon with vegetable-based fluids or plain water

Vegan Dog Treats

None of these recipes contain meat products or meat by-products!

Most dogs enjoy frozen dog treats (and they don't care whether it's summer or winter when they eat them!)

Making frozen vegan or vegetarian dog treats is super quick and easy. Check out these easy frozen dog treat recipes your dog will love.

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